Experience New Asia


Hi Betty,

It was a pleasure getting to know you while planning for this trip.

I am very grateful for the personal touch and the value added services that you and Tiffiani have provided my team with. Without your advise and guidance, this trip would not have been this smooth.

I look forward to working with ENA in the future and do keep in touch. Thank you and God bless!

May the Force be with you,
Samuel Bey

Hi Betty,

We are all very pleased with you and your team’s support for the trip. Some things we want to highlight:

  • General communication pre- and post-trip was handled very well. We got timely updates that helped with the planning process.
  • Tour guides for Bus A and Bus C were very helpful. They stayed on to direct passengers to the bus after the Malaysian immigration.
  • Bus A and Bus B kept very good communication. When Bus B broke down, Bus A driver was very experienced in solving the problem. However, better communication could have helped align Bus C’s timing and journey.
  • The rooms were very spacious and comfortable. Thanks for finding such comfortable and convenient accommodation.
Thank you very much for all your help, Betty!

Bong Yi Ping

Dear Betty,

Thank you for your service and help in organizing our recent Hokkien Family Camp at KSL Resort in JB.

The hotel’s services and facilities were wonderful. We did not hear of any complaints nor were there any inkling of unhappiness among our members about their rooms and stay. Most of them have had a good night sleep and enjoyed the peaceful environment.

The function and meeting room with the in-house sound system and amenities provided were adequate and served us well during the period of our stay and use.

The different meals provided at the Infusion Café were more than satisfactory in term of choices and quantity as well as quality of preparation.

However, there were just two things that we want to make known to you as a feedback and for you to be aware of.

  • The coach that transported us around in JB and brought us back to Singapore was more comfortable as compared to the one that took us to the Resort. It has wider seats and more spacious.
  • The Dinner on Sunday at the local restaurant was a bit of a letdown as expressed by most of our members. We accept part of the responsibility as we were not involved with you in choosing the menu for the foods.
Having said these, we want to convey and expressed our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your services rendered to us for the whole period of our stay at KSL Resort. We will definitely have you and your company in mind for our future trips in and around the region. May God watch over you and your loved ones and grants you good health and success in all your personal endeavors and business.

Ps Bernard Chew

Hi Betty,

Many thanks for your services. We appreciate what you have done:

  • Constantly reminding / checking with us if all things are done such as payments.
  • Replying all our enquiries – especially those of mine which comes in wee hours – apologies.
  • Willing to amend the rooming arrangement despite the contract signed – from 11 room to 10 rooms.
  • For providing cakes for the Dec birthday youth leaders.
  • For coming down personally to check if we are ok – on 1st day night.
  • KSL Hotel is a nice hotel to stay in, food is good and surrounding has local food and the KSL shopping mall is fantastic.
  • KSL Mgt was very gracious towards our usage of the conference room provided – there were times we exceeded the timings and were not penalised.
Some gentle feedback:
  • The conference room dividers are not well sound proofed. On our last night a D&D was going on beside our conference room. Despite dividers closed – their singing , shouting and celebrating overwhelmed our night teachings. Maybe can schedule different halls in future or provide alternative conference rooming.
  • The mics went low batt on the first two nights – hence it be good to stand-by a few new batteries for customers when they use the conference room – as the halt to replace batteries or during worship time can be quite disruptive.
All in all, the experience was overall good.

Thanks for your services again.