We are grateful to hear wonderful feedback from you, our important customers.


How is it going? I hope all well and well with you. Just drop by to thank you on the Montigo resort was awesome! Our room is nicely done up with flower petals and lovely towel swans. Cool!

We enjoy our three days two nights. Nice honeymoon. We will definitely book our holiday with you in the future.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.

Warm regards.

Operation Manager, Henry Tan

Thank you for the arrangement that you did for this wonderful trip to Lake Toba. I am sure the whole group had enjoyed the trip. Do that me know that your travel agency organizes such short trip again in the future.

Best Regards.


You are one detailed Travel Agent and I thoroughly enjoyed the brief introduction and instructions. I am certainly going to recommend your services to my friends and definitely going to engage your services again in the days ahead. :)

Thank you for the professional, prompt, and good deal that you have given to me and my family. :)


Samuel Bey

It was a pleasure getting to know you while planning for this trip.

I am very grateful for the personal touch and the value-added services that you and colleagues have provided my team with. Without your advice and guidance, this trip would not have been this smooth.

I look forward to working with ENA in the future and do keep in touch. Thank you and God bless!

May the force be with you.


We are all very pleased with you and your team’s support for the trip. Some things we want to highlight:

General communication pre- and post-trip was handled very well. We got timely updates that helped with the planning process.

Tour guides for Bus A and Bus C were very helpful. They stayed on to direct passengers to the bus after the Malaysian immigration.

The rooms were very spacious and comfortable. Thanks for finding such comfortable and convenient accommodation.

Thank you very much for all your help, Betty!


Mei Hui

We just had a most amazing stay at Montigo resorts and we do look forward to coming back soon again! :)

Should there be any other offers for Montigo in the future as well, could you kindly let me know too? :)

Thank you so much and I hope you have a great week ahead!


Imbert & family

Thank you for all your efficient arrangements for our family's short trip to Montigo Resort Batam.

The trip was so hassle-free from departing Singapore up to arrival in Batam with the hotel’s pick-up to the check-in process. Our family enjoyed thoroughly this trip and will definitely engage your services for all our future trips and will highly recommend your services to our family and friends too.

Many thanks again and blessed day ahead.